The company NAREX Ždánice, spol. s r.o.

More than 70 years of tradition. The NAREX Zdanice company specialises primarily in the production of the taps made of high speed steels and high performance high speed steels and currently it is the largest producer in the Czech Republic and one of the largest producers in Europe of these taps.

The NAREX Ždánice, spol. s r.o. company has created a new highest performance series of taps that is marketed under the NX PRECISION TAPS brand.

In recent years both the extensive amount of investment in the latest technologies and the application of new innovative practices in the areas of technology and of quality management have enabled us to develop a new geometry of tools. The result of this development is the newly featured line of NX PRECISION TAPS. We will continue to develop this high-quality tools product line both in terms of its range and the additional improvement of the utility properties of these tools.

This series of highest quality taps ranks amongst the top products made by the world’s best manufacturers.